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We Take Your Glasses Seriously

Ensuring the health and safety of your eyes is only part of what full eye care means. A quality pair of glasses enables you to work comfortably, travel, exercise, and enjoy concerts and should reflect your personal style. We are committed to giving patients the best possible spectacles for their visual needs and are well-recognized as one of Boston’s best places for tackling the complexities associated with difficult eyeglass prescriptions.

Our opticians are licensed, experienced, and familiar with the nuances of matching your prescription with a frame that is stylish and appropriate to bring out the best in your facial features. Thao and Arty possess the technical expertise required to curate lens designs that maximize your visual potential. Selecting the proper lens type with high-quality optics in a well-made and comfortable frame will make a substantial improvement in the way you see the world. It is extremely helpful to provide our doctors and opticians with information about visual requirements that you may have for work and other interests such as music, painting, golf, skiing, or boating.

As a Neurolens provider, we strive to provide you the resources you need to talk about the pain-relieving comfort of Neurolenses with your patients.

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